Referrals Revenue

Multi Stream Rev Generation via Referrals

Integrating referral revenue into our strategy enhances our ability to generate multiple revenue streams.

As our community continues to grow, so does our potential to generate revenue from this source. Our focus is on carefully curating partnerships that align with the values and interests of our community, ensuring that we bring the most relevant ones to the UNIWAR community.

UNIBOT Referral Program

Optimize your experience with 10% discount fees on all your trades by using our ref code/link!

  1. Do you use UNIBOT? If you don't have a referral yet:

Go to settings -> set referral -> input 'uniwar'

  1. Are you new to UNIBOT? Click on our referral link below to enjoy your 10% trading fees discount immediately.

New users:…

Not only does the ENTIRE referral revenue increase the revenue share pool for $UNIWAR holders, but you're also fueling the UNIWAR flywheel, strengthening our multistream revenue!

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