Revenue Sharing

UNIWAR Revenue Generation & Distribution Model

At UNIWAR, we're more than just a protocol; we're a community-centric ecosystem. Our primary aim is to establish a rewarding and sustainable environment for our holders.

Here's an insight into our revenue strategy:

1. Core Strategy: UNIBOT War Chest Accumulation

  • Buy/Sell Taxes: We implement a dynamic buy/sell tax mechanism to aggressively accumulate UNIBOT tokens. These tokens generate ETH revenue (40% of the bot transaction fees and 2% of the total UNIBOT trading volume). ETH revenue will be redistributed to UNIWAR stakers.

  • Staking Tax: A tax has been applied to staking deposits. This tax revenue is reinvested into acquiring more UNIBOT tokens, which in turn supports consistent revenue and token value growth.

  • Staking Module: UNIWAR offers a diverse range of staking options tailored to benefit our community. These not only promise attractive rewards but also contribute to growing our UNIBOT holdings through various mechanisms. We'll be releasing more details about this module soon.

2. Additional Revenue Generators

  • Referral Links Revenue: We've set up referral links that act as an additional revenue stream for our protocol. With the UNIBOT referral link, 25% of the transaction fees from referred users are added to the UNIWAR revenue pool. As we forge more partnerships, this revenue stream will expand, further benefiting UNIWAR stakers.

  • Unallocated Revenue Share: Unallocated revenue share is proactively channeled towards the purchase of more UNIBOT. UNIWAR tokens that has not been staked or does not meet staking criteria will not qualify for allocation.

  • More will be revealed after launch.

As our protocol progresses and matures, we remain dedicated to evaluating and implementing potential revenue streams. Our priority is, and always will be, enhancing value for the UNIWAR community.


How does revenue sharing work?

Details will be unveiled before the launch of this feature.

  • Eligibility for Revenue Share

  • Reward Distribution

  • Rewards calculation

  • Claim Threshold

  • Compounding Option

How do I claim my revenue sharing rewards?

To access and claim your rewards, simply connect your wallet on our rewards dashboard. Details will be unveiled before the launch of this feature.

How does auto-compounding work?

Details will be unveiled before the launch of this feature.

  • Automatic ETH Rewards Conversion

  • Newly swapped UNIWAR

  • Tax Incentive for Auto-compounding

  • Claim Threshold for Auto-compounded Rewards

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