UNIWAR Roadmap

Phase 1 : Silvan Rise Phase

The Awakening of the Uniwarriors

✅ Deployment of $UNIWAR Token

✅ 12-Month UNIWAR-WETH LP Lock

✅ CoinGecko Listing

✅ Dune Dashboard Launch

✅ Buy/Sell Tax Phases 1-3 Implementation

✅ Weekly Metrics Reports

✅ Unibot Referral Link creation

✅ Airdrop 1 to $UNIBOT community

✅ First Tax Break Campaign

Phase 2 : Rivendell Ascendancy Phase

The Peak of Elven Brilliance

✅ Roadmap Unveiling

✅ Airdrop 2 - Snapshot 1 of $UNIWAR holders

✅ Second Tax Break Campaign

✅ Airdrop 2 - Snapshot 2 of $UNIWAR holders

✅ Third Tax Break Campaign

✅ Airdrop 2 Completion

⏳ Uniwar High Council Inception

⏳ Gamified Staking V1 Launch

⏳ Revenue Sharing Dashboard Deployment V1

⏳ Docs V2 Release (include full details on Staking/Unstaking/Vesting options)

⏳ Alliance Expansions: New Referral Links & Partnerships

🦄 Tax Strategy Phase 4 Implementation

🦄 Website Redesign

Phase 3 : Valinorean Vanguard Phase

The Arrival at the Blessed Realm

🦄 Gamified Staking V2 Rollout

🦄 Compound Feature Rollout

🦄 Docs V3 Release

🦄 Tax Strategy Phase 5 Implementation

🦄 Revenue Sharing Dashboard Deployment V2

🦄 Token Burn Initiatives

🦄 New Utility Launches*

🦄 Exploring Further Horizons...

* Based on UNIWAR performance and community feedback, new utility and/or way to earn revenue shares shall be introduced.

The roadmap provides our community with a glimpse into our current activities and what lies ahead. While we aim to stick to it, we may tweak, add, or remove items along the way to make sure we're always offering the best for our project and for $UNIWAR holders.

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