Security Measures

Risk Mitigation is Our Priority

  • Contract verified: Our token contract is verified for transparency.

  • Liquidity Lock: We've locked the liquidity pool (LP) for 12 months. For those wishing to verify this essential security measure. Please refer to these links on Etherscan and on UNCX.

  • Multisig Treasury: We have implemented a multisig (multi-signature) treasury. This requires consensus from multiple keyholders for transactions, preventing any single entity from unilaterally accessing or moving the funds. Please refer to this link on Etherscan.

  • Transparent Analytics with Dune Dashboard: For absolute transparency and growth tracking, we've collaborated with an expert data analyst to make real-time on-chain data available on our Dune Dashboard. This allows our community to keep an eye on our growth metrics.

  • Mint Function Renouncement: To ensure the integrity of UNIWAR's supply, we renounced the minting function. This ensures that the entire supply is minted on the first day, and no additional tokens can be introduced afterward.

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