Crafting the Early UNIWAR Community & Architecting the Airdrops

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Airdrop #1



Airdrop #2



Airdrop 1: Rewarding the UNIBOT Community

  • Token Allocation: 5% of the UNIWAR token supply will be airdropped to the UNIBOT community.

  • Eligibility Criteria:

    • Wallets should have held at least 1 $UNIBOT v2 token as of June 17th (referred to as the "Initial UNIBOT Balance").

    • By the time of $UNIBOT's all-time high on July 27, wallets should have retained at least 25% of the Initial UNIBOT Balance.

  • Allocation Method: Allocations to the eligible wallets will be proportionally weighted based on the UNIBOT balance during the second snapshot taken on July 27.

Note for Airdrop 1 Recipients:

If you migrated your UNIBOT tokens during the snapshot timeframe, it's crucial to notify us by sending a request with your details on our Telegram channel or via DM within 24 hours after the announcement of this criterias have been published. This will ensure you aren't inadvertently overlooked during the airdrop distribution.

Airdrop 2: Rewarding Early UNIWAR Supporters

  • Token Allocation: 18% of the UNIWAR token supply will be reserved for our early supporters.

  • Eligibility Criteria: Detailed criteria for eligibility will be unveiled after the launch.

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