UNIWAR the Utility Token

The UNIWAR token serves as a utility token within the UNIWAR ecosystem. As a utility token, it possesses distinct characteristics and functionalities:

  1. Intrinsic Value: UNIWAR does not possess a determined intrinsic value. Its value is derived from its utility within the ecosystem.

  2. Not for Fundraising: Unlike some tokens created through initial coin offerings (ICOs) or token sales to raise capital, UNIWAR was not used for fundraising to initiate the underlying protocol. UNIWAR has no private sale.

  3. 88% Token Allocation for Community Growth: A significant portion, specifically 88%, of the UNIWAR token supply has been allocated to bootstrap growth and invite other UNIBOT token holders to participate in the ecosystem, thereby benefiting from its utility.

    • 65% Deposited into Uniswap: Out of this allocation, 65% of the supply has been deposited into Uniswap. This action aims to ensure that UNIWAR tokens are readily available for purchase at a low price, facilitating accessibility for users interested in using our technology and joining the ecosystem.

    • 23% Distributed as Airdrop: Additionally, 23% of the supply has been earmarked for distribution through airdrops. This distribution method allows for the widespread dissemination of UNIWAR tokens to targeted loyal UNIBOT holders, encouraging their early involvement in the protocol.

  4. No Expected Return by Itself: UNIWAR does not provide expected financial returns by itself. Its value is tied to its utilization within the ecosystem.

  5. Accumulating UNIBOT Token: UNIWAR plays a pivotal role in facilitating the accumulation of another token known as UNIBOT within the ecosystem.

  6. Revenue Redistribution: The token is instrumental in redistributing revenue generated through the process of asset accumulation. UNIWAR token holders may participate in revenue-sharing mechanisms.

  7. Staking Requirement: To partake in the redistribution of revenue, UNIWAR token holders are required to proactively stake their tokens. Staking entails locking up a certain amount of UNIWAR tokens, potentially accessing the tiered UNIBOT revenue-sharing in return.

UNIWAR's primary purpose revolves around enabling the accumulation of UNIBOT tokens, ensuring equitable revenue distribution, and actively inviting new participants through strategic token allocation strategies. Understanding these allocation strategies is vital for participants looking to engage with the UNIWAR ecosystem.

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