UNIWAR Tokenomics

UNIWAR's tokenomics are anchored in a community-centric approach. We've opted for a stealth & fair launch, avoiding traditional VC backing and token pre-sales.

What is the token address of UNIWAR?

The UNIWAR token is deployed on Ethereum network at 0x5b02AC27767b9bC8F5379ba7a835094aA81bf26f

What are the tokenomics of UNIWAR?

  • 100% of the Maximum 1,000,000 UNIWAR token supply are fully minted at launch.

  • 65% of the available supply will be added to liquidity at launch. The rest of the supply is reserved for community airdrops and rewards. 3% for the core devs and advisors.

Below is a breakdown of our token allocation:

Fair Initial Distribution (65% of the total supply): The immediate release of 65% of the supply into circulation ensures broad and equitable distribution from the start.

Community-Centric Airdrops (23% of the total supply): Allocations to both the UNIBOT and UNIWAR communities through these airdrops reward loyalty and aim to promote cross-community collaboration and growth.

Staking Incentives (12% of the total supply): A dedicated 12% of the supply has been set aside for community rewards, incentivizing early participation while enhancing the revenue pool for all UNIWAR holders.

What are the benefits of holding UNIWAR?

Holding UNIWAR tokens entitles you to a number of benefits:

  • Revenue sharing through our UNIBOT holdings and referral links

  • UNIWAR airdrops

  • Additional UNIWAR staking rewards

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