Welcome to UNIWAR

The Most Aggressive Real-Yield Rev-Sharing Asset Accumulator
UNIWAR is a pioneering revenue sharing asset protocol committed to maximizing yield and rewards for our community. We achieve this by accumulating UNIBOT tokens through token taxes and pooling them together.
UNIBOT isn't just any trading bot; it's a powerful tool that allows DeFi users to swiftly buy and sell tokens on Uniswap V3 via their Telegram apps and browser-based Trading terminal. More importantly, UNIBOT's revenue share model directly rewards UNIBOT holders with a generous cut from both transaction fees and the total traded volume. As UNIBOT grows, so do the rewards for our holders.
Our edge? We offer enhanced benefits by weaving in multiple revenue streams, ensuring that our holders get an amplified share compared to just holding UNIBOT tokens. Guided by an ethos of transparency and adaptability, our approach is agile, and always prioritizing our community's best interests.


Our immediate focus revolves around aggressively amassing UNIBOT tokens through:
Buy/Sell Tax Implementation: We're rolling out several optimized buy/sell taxes phases, ensuring a regular flow of UNIBOT acquisitions while laying a solid liquidity foundation.
Revenue Sharing Integration: Capitalizing on UNIBOT's revenue model, enabling our community to tap into a consistent and lucrative reward pool without needing individual UNIBOT holdings.
Staking Incentives: We're leveraging staking taxes on deposits, not as a deterrent but as a tool to spur more UNIBOT acquisitions, consequently expanding the revenue share pool. Early UNIWAR stakers are in for a treat with amplified benefits.